Germany Documentary w/ Alaska Or Rust Folks

Karl Teuschl, a documentary filmmaker from Germany, included a couple of our Alaska Or Rust folks in his newest film that was released yesterday in parts of Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). It’s a beautiful documentary that covers the Alaska Highway and gives viewers a good sense of the road conditions, the scenery and the feel of driving the highway.

Two of the Alaska Or Rust jeeps appear at the 18:30 mark. The interview with Marty Tilford, Don Brown, Rob and Diane Stafford starts at the 19:38 mark. It ends at 20:30. Most of it is in German.

L to R: Diana Stafford, Rob Stafford, Don Brown, Marty Tilford
A good shot of the remoteness of the highway.
Nice inclusion of the eWillys sticker 🙂

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