Thursday August 3rd: Reaching Alaska

Thursday August 3rd: Reaching Alaska

The mosquitoes are REALLY big up here.

On Thursday August 3rd we crosse into Canada, bound for Fairbanks.


Some of the team decided to go camp, while others stayed at the Beavercreek Motel and RV Park. It’s rustic. It was the FCA videographer’s last day with us, so he got some last minute coverage, including a long sequence that had us driving away into the distance while a drone followed us.

I was also interviewed to give my thoughts on the trip and Hugo.


Following the filming, we left for the border and to hunt down the campers. The early morning sunrise was very pretty, making for a good photo. The roads were the roughest we’d seen. Melting permafrost portions of the road pretty rough. Various sections were under construction.


A welcome sign gave us our first glimpse of the US. First the campers went past the sign, then the remainder did.






Once that was done, we had to cross the border. There wasn’t much of a line.

2017-08-03-border 2017-08-03-border2

Once we were all over the border, we drove to Tok. There, the entire team regrouped.


When we reached Delta Junction, we were officially at the end of the Alaska Highway.

2017-08-03-delta-junction-end-post 2017-08-03-delta-junction1 2017-08-03-delta-junction2

It was near 5pm when we arrived in Fairbanks. There was a mixup with the reservations, but we got that all sorted out.


We still had one more day of events scheduled on Friday the 4th. But some of those plans got thrown out due to a decision by some members to drive to the Arctic Circle. More on that coming up soon.