Monday July 24th: On The Move

Hugo and Dave in front of Hugo’s jeep in Fernie, Canada, their place of rest for the evening.

David, Ann, Hugo, and Fernando had a beautiful drive from Pasco to Fernie, Canada today.2017-07-24-pasco-fernie-map

Hugo and Fernando arrived promptly at 8:30am. Ann and Dave weren’t quite ready, but they were close. As they finished up, the father-son team applied the banner to Patterson. At 9:30am, they left for Canada.

Ready to leave.

Neither Hugo nor Fernando had driven the planned route up US95, so they were quite surprised when we dropped onto the long bridge that crosses Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Ponderay) in northern Idaho. It’s a dramatic scene, with beautiful blue water surrounded by mountains. Team Pineapple loved it.

This picture shows how the bridge crosses the late into Sandpoint, Idaho.


After a slight hiccup at the border (David didn’t know he couldn’t handout t-shirts to random Canadians), he was allowed to cross into Canada.

Fernie, Canada


Other Updates:

1 Joe, Emily, Merlin, and Brittany reached Hillsboro, North Dakota, today. On the way they met a new friend:

2017-07-24-merlin-joe-3rdjeep1 2017-07-24-merlin-joe-3rdjeep2

Here they are all ready to hunker down for the evening:

2017-07-24-merlin-britt-joe-emily-camp 2017-07-24-merlin-britt-joe-emily-camp2

2. Scott, Bob and Rick reached Canada today. Scott’s looking determined!


3. Jim Fowler and Kevin are slowly catching Bill Reiss:


4. Who knows where Bill was? I think he was busy taking pictures.


5. Marty’s jeep looks ready for the road:



6. Rob’s got a new custom lock box on the back. That news saddened me, because I’m very tempted by that ARB cooler.

2017-07-24-aluminum-lock-box1 2017-07-24-aluminum-lock-box2


That’s all from yesterday.