Justin Paul and His 1951 CJ-3A

Justin Paul and His 1951 CJ-3A

Justin is a mechanic an avid Willys Jeep enthusiast. In 2004 he was linked up with some very skilled Craftsman at H W Welch Co. There, he was taught the ropes of auto restoration on early civilian Willys Jeeps. When Justin saw the enchanted love story, The Coal Miners Daughter, he was fascinated as the character named Bo climbed a coal pile in a 3A. This only strengthened Justin’s love for jeeps.


Justin has built his 1951 CJ-3A has been restored to original as best he could. It is a fine example of the Willys jeep of the era. But, there’s still more to do. Justin plans to outfit his jeep with a hardtop and soft top configuration without losing the period correct look. Keeping things original was something he learned at H W Welch Co. and it is a trait he prides himself on as well. That said, he also likes to add some personal flair to jeeps, like the 12 o’clock position of the turn signal switch and low mount signal lights.

As time goes on and the past flees into the rear view mirror, Justin hopes that his passion for jeeps continues to grow. He particularly looks forward to the camaraderie he expects as part of the Alaska or Rust adventure.


In 1948, Willys Overland made a decision to update the CJ-2A. They called the new model the CJ-3A and it was sold between 1949 and 1953. Among the improvements was a stronger windshield frame, which is one of the easiest ways to tell a CJ-2A from a CJ-3A. However, nearly all the CJ-2A parts are interchangeable with the CJ-3A, including the windshield, so identifying one of these jeeps is often difficult.

The CJ-3A Page and CJ-3A Info are two sites where jeep owners can learn more about the CJ-3A.

This photo from a postcard shows a CJ-3A powering a compressor, which in turn powers a jack hammer.

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