Finding Virginia: Adventures Along the Rocky Trail of Life

Finding Virginia follows David’s search to regain solid ground after being hit by the same economic woes that have shaken America’s middle class — the bust, real estate crash, college debt — problems suddenly compounded by his father’s failing health during the summer of 2011.

A true story, his journey takes an unlikely and compelling path that includes romance, humor, jeeps, and reflections on a coming-of-age summer working at an island resort in 1986. His stories weave into an entertaining and satisfying whole, a bumpy ride cushioned by an underlying optimism that characterizes the American spirit.


“Finding Virginia is a fun read, an interesting yarn about a guy whose life has followed the Jeep trail less traveled.” – Arches Magazine, Spring 2012

“Just finished your book. It was an excellent piece of literature. It had just the right amount of love story, jeeps, and life in general. A+. I’ll recommend it to all my friends.” – William Dabney

“Dave, you hit a home run. It is Not Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance….Your book is much more readable than that was . . . This is a book that you CAN give your wife to read….and she will enjoy it.” – Bill Reiss

“I finished your book and, although I don’t share your love of jeeps (but do now have more of an appreciation of them), your passion for jeeps, life, and food, your compassion for your parents, and your emotional honesty was most touching. Few autobiographies that I have read which were written by men have achieved this level emotional intimacy- entirely unvarnished by a layer of machismo.” – Leslie Guerci

“And the book is great! I end up feeling like I just heard a story from a long lost friend. David, you are really good at painting a picture with your stories. I like that kind of writing. And I just love how you flow from family to jeeps to Virginia…it’s all connected…but not. I just like it okay.” – Dana Foster Wilfert

“Bought and read the book. You have a great style and should attack a good novel. In my life I have read many writers as they have written a number of books. I think you have started at a higher level than most. Keep it up. As for connections that can never be broken, you have and will find that they have an uncanny way of finding the right place which is of course the point of being so naturally connected. Too philosophical but when you write about such topics you are bound to open up the topic. Take care and good fortune to you. Once again good job on the book. I enjoyed it greatly. Keep writing!” – Wade Hall

“Thanks for the new book. I started to read mine last Tuesday and I am already in Page 80; Wow!, I have to say you did a great job. It is funny because I am learning so much about you that actually feels strange. You have had a very singular life, with some many different aspects. The plot is fascinating, it is really hard to stop reading.” – Sebastian Logo-Guerrero